Where can you see works made by Armadio di Legno?

We invite you to our showroom located in Warsaw. We move a lot – constantly visiting investments, our clients or staying in the studio, therefore please contact us in advance to arrange a visit.

You do have a project, but how much does "it" cost?

If you have a project, we encourage you to contact us and send a project to prepare the offer. There are so many factors to influence “it”, that we choose solutions that are prepared especially for you, professionally and flexibly according to your needs.

How much does a project cost?

The price of a project depends on the works’ scope. First we want to discuss with you the planned scope and individual preferences of finishing. Than we want to define works within the project clearly.

How much does it cost to come for measurement?

In Warsaw and nearby, the arrival costs 100 PLN gross. In any further destination the Customer covers only the travel or flight costs. What’s most important – after signing the contract these costs are deducted from order total value.

You do know how your furniture should look like, but do not have a project – what in this case?

We will come, measure, create scaled technical drawings and prepare a cost estimate. The rules for measurement fees are mentioned above. The cost of concept (an intellectual property) it is from 300 to 600 PLN gross. What’s important – after signing the contract these costs are deducted from order total value.

Is it possible to prepare a visualization?

Yes, of course. The visualization cost depends on the works’ scope. It is defined individually.

What is the warranty period?

According to EU directives 24-month warranty covers our furniture and furniture elements. Many years of experience on the market allows us to avoid mistakes and even check projects made by architects or interior designers in technical terms. A deep analysis of the project avoids the use of complaints, in order to our clients enjoy fully the newly implemented projects. At the same time, we are aware that sometimes an imperfection may occur, but we make the highest effort to our works and all amendments will be made in the possibly minimum time. We are for you, you may call us anytime and for sure receive an answer. The customer satisfaction guarantee is the same important to us as official regulations.

What is the due date for completion?

The due date for completion depends on the works’ scope. Usually it is defined in the offer and takes from a few to a dozen weeks. The best is to consult the deadlines in advance, so that we can make a reservation for your project in our calendar.

What is the VAT rate for furniture?

The VAT rate on furniture is 23% according to law in Poland. In case of international shipping it depends on the destination place, also whether the customer has a valid VAT number. You may check: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/?locale=en

What is the advance payment amount?

The advance payment is 45% of the contract value, concerns each contract. The rest amount – further 45% after delivery and after the completion of the settlement the remaining 10%.

Is it possible to divide the order into individual furniture, i.e. into stages?

Yes, of course, under the condition of signing a contract for the entire scope of works. We define with the client the priority range, the time of completion and create schedule for the implementation of individual stages. What is important – we do take the risk of possible changes of prices of materials and accessories. The customer is assured that the ordered furniture and furniture elements will be delivered at the right time and place.

You did not find the answer to your question? Contact us and we will clarify any doubts.

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