Commercial area

We offer our high-end traditional craftsmanship to commercial projects, creating fully customized standard and premium class furniture.

Comprehensive management from our office

We are able to meet additional requirements for commercial projects. All Armadio di Legno furniture is completely personalized, made to order, thanks to which our offer includes a number of options and finishes that we select for a specific space and needs.

High performance

We are able to supply our craftsmanship for large projects. Our projects include, for example, serial shop furniture, hotel furniture. In addition, in cooperation with Polish partner companies, we prepare comprehensive offers dedicated to commercial spaces.

We deliver the highest standards abroad

Armadio di Legno products are manufactured in Poland. Before all the furniture is delivered to the customer, it is assembled and carefully inspected by the technologist and installers. Later they are packed and prepared for transport. They can be assembled by our assembly team abroad. We have experience in delivering projects to European countries and more.

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