From our Warsaw’s studio we manage the project from design development through to manufacturing and installation with our dedicated fitting teams.

Efficient management, at every stage

Our studio based management team has strong commercial experience. All of our projects are properly costed, specified, managed, and delivered to the highest quality, on time and within budget.

Our commercial expertise is complimented by practical experience.

Each project is assigned a team consisting of project manager, design coordinator, technical draftsman and others.

We work closely with our production team.

Our teams in office and workshop are completely interlinked to keep control on every stage of preparations and production. Our Clients receive samples for acceptance and we compare finishes and colours.

Our resources are exceptional.

We have created huge sample library of the bespoke joinery, with hundreds of finishes in a range of materials. We also have showroom (visits prior arrangement) with many joinery styles, giving our clients a clearer picture of the engineering options and specifications available.

Avg. 60 project realisations per year.

Avg. 8 international project realisations per year.

Avg. 20 project coordinations per year and the number still grows.

Over 400 designs of solid wood furniture fronts.

2200 satisfied Customers.

years of experience in the wood and furniture industry.

+48 601 09 25 09